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SFPTotal PG series is a first revision of programming boards SFPTotal, special devices for programming transceivers of GBIC, SFP, SFP +, XFP, QSFP form factors.

Programmers PG series are available in two versions - with two-port (GBIC and SFP) and four-port (GBIC, SFP, XFP, QSFP).

Programmer kits include power supply adapter 5V DC and USB cable.

The programmer SFPTotal PG series connects to PC via USB interface through which performed control and power supply of transceiver.

To connect a high-power transceivers can be used by external power adapter 5V DC.

Control elements

  • XS11 - power supply jack
  • SW1 - power supply switch (USB or external power supply adapter)
  • XS9 - power supply switch for GBIC (default, 3V)
  • XS10 - QSFP port
  • XS2 - XFP port
  • XS8 - GBIC port
  • XS1 - SFP/SFP+ port

Quick start

  1. Connect programming board to your PC using USB cable
  2. Install drivers for SFPTotal PG
  3. Download application SFPTotal Wizard
  4. Start SFPTotal Wizard
  5. Insert transceiver to the programmer port
  6. Reading transceiver's memory


To operate the device, use the software SFPTotal Wizard version or above.