Brute-force attack

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For password recovery SFPTotal Wizard supports a search function in brute force mode. This function could help if you need check passwords in a narrow range of values. Also, you can fast check a password for write-protected transceivers using a dictionary of passwords.

How to use

  1. Read a vendor code from transceiver (or use random code template)
  2. Change at least one byte in the HEX grid. The code in software's window should be different than a code in transceiver's memory
  3. Open menu Control -> Search password
  4. Set parameters Table address (default: A2) and Password offset (default: 7B)
  5. Set additional options (if needed)
  6. Select range of password value or use dictionary of passwords
  7. Push Start button to begin brute-force attack

Dictionary attack

Dictionary of passwords is a list of passwords which coud be provided for customers to fast searching a password to write-protected transceivers. The dictionary is actual for most of chinese manufacturers.

Video guide