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The software supports write firmware using a password and provides a simple interface.

Software supports password length of 4 bytes (eight symbols HEX code).

You can set a password that will be used to unlock the module firmware before recording. To set a password, and set the memory area to enter the password follow:

Scripts -> Set password


Push OK button to save changes or Cancel to close the window.

By default, the software produces a write firmware without using a password. You need to set a flag Enable to activate the writing with a password:

Scripts -> Enter transceiver password -> Enable


You need to reset the scripts before writing with a password.

Scripts -> Reset script

After the password is set, the programmer will write a password before performing the firmware write.

SFPTotal Writing Button.jpg


  1. To use this function module must support the unlocking of the table A0h when entering a password.
  2. Address enter the password may differ depending on the module type and vendor-specific solutions.