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The user interface is divided into two sections.

The unit of features and management is equipped with a buttons of quick access, menu of receiver type selection and tables, as well as with a block of special tabs.

Control buttons

The buttons of quick access perform the following functions:
SFPTotal Main buttons panel.jpg
  • Clear table with firmware (Table tab);
  • Import firmware from a file, located on your hard drive, to the table (Table tab);
  • Export firmware from table (Table tab) to the file;
  • Firmware checksum validation;
  • Reading firmware from memory of the transceiver and;
  • Write firmware to the transceivers memory.

Module type selector

SFPTotal Module type selector 2.jpg

Firmware table tab

SFPTotal Table of firmware.jpg

Firmware detail tab

SFPTotal Table of firmware detail 2.jpg

Batch loader tab

SFPTotal Tab of batch loader.jpg