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To start work with the help of the software SFPTotal it is necessary to connect the programming board to your PC through USB cable. Typically, there is no default driver in the system for programmer, so you need install the driver supplied for version of your programmer.

Before installing the driver, please, connect your programmer to computer.

Plus and Mini Series

Download drivers for Windows 7/8 x64:

After connecting the device to a PC green LED STATUS should flash, which indicates normal operation of device.

Download software SFPTotal Wizard

PG Series

Download drivers for Windows XP/Seven:


  1. You can also connect to the programmer using the applications to work with serial port For example: Hyper Terminal, Putty and etc. In this case you need to use the SFPTotal command protocol.
  2. Using the SFPTotal command protocol, you can create your own application for working with transceiver's memory.